Special Forces Association LIFE MEMBER “Vanity Card”


Special Forces Association LIFE MEMBER “Vanity Card”:  Heavy Duty (1mm) 2″ x 3.5″ Brass Card.  Will be laser engraved with your SFA#, Date and name.  Engraving is offered on the rear of the card.  These cards are similar in make to challenge coins with high resolution 3D graphics.

**Please email [email protected] with your request for rear of card.  If no email is received your card will have a blank back.  Also need:  your Name as you want it on the card, SFA Number and year you became a LIFE Member.

Free Options for rear of card (Please see photos):

Option 1:  United States Army Special Forces with Beret & De Oppresso Liber

Option 2:  Special Forces Prayer

Paid Options for rear of card:  Most military logos and badges are available at $5 per emblem requested (please email [email protected] to request // billing will be arranged then).

MUST READ:  this card is a controlled item and ONLY available to SFA “M” and “D” LIFE Members.  If you order please send a photo of your current card to [email protected] -OR- contact SFA National at [email protected] for check and authorization.

Sold By: Xclibr