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Looking for Company A of the 6th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Fort Bragg
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Default Looking for Company A of the 6th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Fort Bragg

(Blanket request for forgiveness if I get any terminology wrong]

My parents got married in Boston 50 years ago, in January, 1967. A colleague of my dad's let them borrow a ski house in New Hampshire for their honeymoon.

When they arrived at dusk, apparently a member of the military (they didn't know who yet) stood in front of their car and halted them. It turns out that that Company A of the 6th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Fort Bragg were doing war maneuvers in that area of New Hampshire, in preparation to go to Viet Nam. It was cold and snowy, their commander was captured in the town, and 23 of them had gone into the ski house to warm up: shortly after, my newlywed parents showed up.

My parents essentially became "prisoners" for a while, as they couldn't be let go in the middle of a maneuver. Some of the men carried their gear into the house, boot-by-boot and ski-by-ski. My mother was cold, and the men were called to make a fire in the fireplace. My parents were not allowed to go to town to get groceries, but the group shared their K-rations with them (we still have a can!).

Then they settled in to play the card game, "acey-deucey" - my mother learned very quickly, and suspects that because she has a thick English accent and most of the men (except "Pineapple" - you guessed it, he was from Hawaii) had thick Southern accents they couldn't understand a word each other said and she won $15. After several hours, they got word that their commander was free, and they moved on out.

My parents have always kept the men of Company A in their hearts, and wondered about them - they say they were well-mannered young men to be proud of. I wonder if anyone knows how we could get in touch. I personally have never heard of a couple that spent (part of) their honeymoon with 23 Green Berets. Have you? :-)
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Company A, 6th Special Forces Group
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Default Company A, 6th Special Forces Group

It sounds fishy to me. I was in Co. A, 6th SFG in 1963-64. I was also in Vietnam (5th Special Forces Group) in 1966-67. No way would a unit go to NH to train for Vietnam, especially in the winter. Also, the 6th SFG didn't go to Vietnam. The 5th SFG was the only group to be assigned to Vietnam. It sounds more like a winter training exercise for a Special Forces unit, but they WOULD NOT apprehend civilians.
Dick James
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