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SFA now has an account to accept Donations of Securities!

The Treasurer recently opened an account with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in Fayetteville that will allow the SFA to accept donations of appreciated securities. Donations of appreciated securities can be a great way for a member or supporter of the Association to donate money for several reasons. One of the greatest benefits of donation of appreciated securities is that is usually allows a tax deduction on Schedule A of the full value of the securities. At the same time, the securities are not subject to capital gains tax at the time of sale. This is because the donor does not sell them, but donates the securities. The Association sells them upon receipt, and as a non-profit, is not subject to tax.

Certain IRS conditions do apply, of course. The donor must have held the securities for a year and there are deduction ceilings (depending on circumstances, you may only donate 20 or 30 percent of Adjusted Gross Income – “AGI”, Line 38 of Form 1040 – which becomes relevant only if you are planning an unusually large donation relative to AGI). Also, remember that IRS rules frequently change! As the Association is not qualified to give tax advice, you should check out the IRS rules yourself or with your tax-preparer prior to making a large donation.

Our first donation was received in August from Mr. Andrew Greatrex of New Hope, PA, who is a friend and supporter of the Association. He not only has been generous with his donation of securities, but was also instrumental in assisting us in establishment of this program. He is an independent investment advisor who has donated his time and now a gift of securities to the Association. Our thanks go to him for his assistance and his inaugural donation.

If this sounds like a good way to donate to the SFA and its programs, you will need the following information for the broker holding your securities, in order to ensure that the donation makes it to the Association properly:

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
2153 Valleygate Drive, Suite 201
Fayetteville, NC 28304

DTC#: 0418

Special Forces Association
4990 Doc Bennett Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306
Acct #: 807-70363

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